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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Inspiration from the Italian Masters

We feel that boundaries are often blurred when it comes to interior design and art. In creating an interiors concept for the redesign of La Pensione, a boutique hotel in San Diego’s historic Little Italy district, S.K.I.N. looked to the masters of Italian painting and sculpture.
We approach an interior space with a desire to first create a strong and lasting foundation, reminiscent of the background palette of a painting or the dramatic form of a chiseled sculpture. For La Pensione we selected shades of grey and white for the walls and floors of the rooms. These tones, along with textural elements such as crown molding, mimic the play of light and shadow on the surfaces of a Bernini sculpture.
This simple yet elegant beginning allows for an essential element of any design project: versatility. We incorporated accent colors – in this case bright golden shades of ochre –into textiles and custom designed furnishings. The objective of the color palette is to both capture the imagination yet remain flexible. Additional colors may be introduced in future yet the foundation colors and texture remain timeless, allowing the spaces to effortlessly evolve as the surroundings and context inevitably change.

As artists, designers, and architects we contribute our creations to a long history of works by those who came before us. We seek to inspire and foster connectedness by drawing on the past to inform our future.

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