Excellent Design Creates Better Performance

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Introducing Skindesignstudio.com

Deniece Duscheone and Chris Maresca of S.K.I.N.

This month S.K.I.N. Design Studio celebrates the launch of its revamped website, showcasing a diverse array of hospitality and residential architectural and design projects.

Newly introduced work includes the recently completed 56 million dollar renovation of the U.S. Grant Hotel, featuring an exterior lit exclusively by LED fixtures and luxury furnishings custom designed by S.K.I.N. principal Deniece Duscheone. Also featured are concepts for the future of sustainable architecture, including principal Chris Maresca’s visionary design for the Rhya, a completely sustainable hotel.

Above: A model for Vertical Suburb, a S.K.I.N. concept for a building structure that offers a solution to the growing human population and dramatic depletion of natural resources.

Vertical Suburb offers the luxuries that today's families seek in conventional suburbs -- namely a sense of ownership and natural environment -- within a compact, well-planned urban context.

Each residence is defined by private garden spaces and unique floor plans. An automobile circulation feature allows residents to drive to and park next to their own house within the multi-level building. Grocery store, retail, and office spaces are included to create diversity, ensuring a collaboration among uses. To foster a sense of community, each home features its own garden space with an additional shared park in the center of the building.

We invite you to visit us at www.skindesignstudio.com.