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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tabanlioglu design a wooden and metalic congress centre in the Libyan capital inspired by the surrounding trees

Surrounded by the woods, the rectangular two-storey ‘block' is nested in a semi-transparent metal envelop as a "shield" that opens up to the external landscape with a wide portico that defines the main entrance. Between the mesh and the inner glass walls a semi-open shady circulation area is created as an extension of the landscape. Incise patterns inspired by the trees around the site, permit controlled daylight to diffuse into the central space and at night the oozing beams through the slits integrate with the wood at the background.

A semi-transparent perimeter "shield" of designed bronze mesh application flows around the building, protecting the inner glass walls; an 8 meter corridor encircles all three sides; the main building is flanked by a 4-meter wide reflection pool and another 4 meter is left as a semi-open shady circulation area. The water elements provide a cooling effect before the building, in addition to its aesthetic contribution. The semi-open corridors create a sound waft in the circulation zone. The entrance is enlivened by the 350sqm media mesh that improves the communicative nature of the Congress Center.

Glass wall systems allow for the maximum viewing area with no horizontal or vertical mullions to obstruct the vision. By transparency, the interiors benefit the optimum daylight in a controlled manner also by the mesh installation around the alleys surrounding the building. . The "open" character of the building is supported by the 350sqm media mesh with a computer controlled LED system, installed at the entrance. The media façade enriches the communicative nature of the Congress Center

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