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Monday, June 6, 2011

Amazing Local Artist: James Verbicky

Take a look at the work of an amazing local artist who S.K.I.N. is hoping to work with on some of our upcoming projects.

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in 1973 from Polish descent, James Verbicky lived the majority of his early life between Victoria and Vancouver, British Columbia. As an adult, Verbicky moved to the U.S., and after struggling with legitimacy for many years, was awarded the rarely bestowed "Extraordinary Ability" green card from the U.S. government due to his extensive involvement with a myriad of museums, galleries, charity organizations, and publications across America.

Verbicky has developed a strong presence in the contemporary art market in the U.S. and abroad. He is widely known for his atmospheric abstract expressionist work; his use of light and color described by critics as “suggesting impossible, intangible places.” (Peter Frank, Critic, 2009). In 2008, his work was selected for a 110 year-old juried exhibition at the Louvre, in Paris, France, with the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts.

In 2009, Verbicky debuted a new series of mixed media works that bring an entirely new, sculptural element to his oeuvre, utilizing foreign vintage paper and abstract form. Combined with his broad catalogue of expressionistic paintings, Verbicky works are counted in hundreds of private, public, celebrity and museum collections in countries all over the world.

On Abstract Works:
"My work focuses on the study and communication of atmosphere and light, the making of intangible, impossible places. My goal is to filter the senses through transparencies of color, attempting to screen light and create atmospheres that confuse the eye and inspire the viewer to see beyond or through the painting, luring it in search of something familiar, something recognizable. The pieces themselves are often difficult to photograph due to widespread blurring; creating elusive scenes that can be widely interpreted. My goal is to challenge each viewer to find their own meaning, to cause them to pause and seek out their own definition of what lies before them." - James Verbicky

See more on James Verbicky at his website: www.JamesVerbicky.com

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