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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Catalina's Hotel Metropole

S.K.I.N. Design Studio is embarking on the redesign of the guest rooms and lobby at Catalina Island's Hotel Metropole. In 2008, S.K.I.N.'s Deniece Duscheone led the design and renovation of the boutique hotel’s luxury suites (pictured here), while helping the owners to re-brand their hotel as Catalina’s first sustainable luxury boutique hotel.

The Hotel Metropole has a long history for being the first hotel on Catalina Island located on Avalon Bay, and it has been an honor for S.K.I.N. to assist the hotel in raising the level of experience on Catalina Island. This southern California island, which is host to Outstanding In the Field as well as the annual Jazz Festival, is continuing to evolve with new additions this season.
The Hotel Metropole has just recently unveiled M Restaurant, the first farm-to-table dining experience on Catalina Island. The oceanfront restaurant features Chef Michael Stewart, who has created an innovative New American cuisine with an emphasis on sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients from local purveyors.

The clean and simple design expression in the suites evokes the historic Hollywood origins that the island is known for and the calm energy of the adjacent harbor, cultivating a liveliness and experience that expresses eco-luxury in a timeless and elegant composition.


  1. ...absolutely beautiful! love it all...love the desk!

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