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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Archi's Acres

S.K.I.N.'s Deniece Duscheone recently made a trip out to volunteer at Archi's Acres, a small-scale organic farm located in San Diego. We were interested to hear of the farm's approach, which involves using sustainable agriculture as a platform to assist returning veterans. Their program offers training in this field to create an opportunity for veterans to transition back into the private sector and employment opportunities.

Most of the herbs and vegetables are grown onsite using bio-hydroponics, a form of growing which relies on organic tea nutrients mixed with pure, filtered water. It's intriguing to consider this system, in which all water is contained and recirculated; these hot houses use less water than an average home, and grow produce in a fraction of the typical growing time.

The main task at hand was clearing the field for another greenhouse structure. It was both a long day and a tremendous opportunity to experience this program first-hand. We find it encouraging to see an organization like Archi's Acres leverage sustainable agriculture to cultivate a more sustainable community at large. We most definitely recommend stopping by Hillcrest and Little Italy Mercato Farmers' Markets to see the fruits of their labor!

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